Vero Beach Orchid Society Table Top at Ft. Pierce Show

On the week-end, November 10 & 11, the Vero Beach Orchid Society entered a table top display in the Ft. Pierce Annual Orchid Show.  The VBOS had a total of 12 members and family members led  by Sherry Cauley, Traveling Show Chairman, travel down to Ft, Pierce and worked on the display.  Other Orchid Societies also entering table top displays were Port Saint Lucie, and Martin County Orchid Society.  Each table top was judged and the Vero Beach Orchid Society won the Best Society Table Top.

The following VBOS Members and family members that assisted in setting up the display were as follows; Sherry Cauley, Cathrine Gustafson, Carol Greene, Bud Ingersoll, Judy Wagner, Doug Mew, Jim Andre, Tammy Meeks, Ronnie Meeks, Sandy Abraham, Susan Schmidthorst and her daughter Sondi Ryersee.