Phillip E. Hamilton


The speaker for November will be Phillip E. Hamilton who currently manages a 2.5 acre orchid production facility for Sun Bulb Co. in Apopka, Florida.  He also operates Bredren Orchids, LLC, a small mail-order only, business at the same location in Apopka, which focuses primarily on producing Broughtonia species/hybrids, novelty Phalaenopsis and Paphiopedilums.


Phillip was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica and grew up in the orchid business, collecting orchids as a young boy.  His parents own Hamlyn Orchids LTD, a major orchid business on the island.  After attending his first major Orchid Show,  the 11th World Conference in Miami at the age of eight, he became inspired  to become more involved in orchid breeding, growing and exhibiting.  He left Jamaica at the age of 18 to pursue a college education and received both his Undergraduate and Master Degree from the University of Florida, Gainesville in Environmental Horticulture (a greenhouse production) specialization). He began the American Orchid Society Judging Training Program t age 18. and is now an AOS Certified Judge.

Phillip will be speaking on the Culture and Breeding  of the genus Phalaenopsis.  He will be bringing plants to sell and would be supplying plants for the raffle table.  _______________________________________________________________________

Vero Beach Orchid Society Table Top at Ft. Pierce Show

This past week-end, November 10 & 11, the Vero Beach Orchid Society entered a table top display in the Ft. Pierce Annual Orchid Show.  The VBOS had a total of 12 members and family members led  by Sherry Cauley, Traveling Show Chairman, travel down to Ft, Pierce and worked on the display.  Other Orchid Societies also entering table top displays were Port Saint Lucie, and Martin County Orchid Society.  Each table top was judged and the Vero Beach Orchid Society won the Best Society Table Top.

The following VBOS Members and family members that assisted in setting up the display were as follows; Sherry Cauley, Cathrine Gustafson, Carol Greene, Bud Ingersoll, Judy Wagner, Doug Mew, Jim Andre, Tammy Meeks, Ronnie Meeks, Sandy Abraham, Susan Schmidthorst and her daughter Sondi Ryersee.