The speaker for the meeting on Thursday, July 19, 2018, will be Glenn Gross of Gross Orchids.  Glenn grows a wide variety of orchid hybrids and species that are compatible with the Florida climate.  His goal is to help educate the beginner and advise the novice in the care and cultivation of orchids.  The focus of his nursery is the beginner, looking to obtain their first orchid, and the novice who has a small number of plants with limited experience.  He makes every effort to answer any and all questions in language that is easily understandable.

Glenn also maintains varieties for the advanced grower and collector.  He currently maintains an inventory of over 3,000 potted, mounted and plants in baskets, covering a total of twelve different greenhouses. 

He also maintains a full line of orchid potting supplies and will gladly make recommendations to match the right potting medium with the right orchid variety.

Gross Orchids is a locally owned and operated orchid nursery with over 15 years" experience growing orchids in Polk County and Central Florida, with over 25 years growing experience.  Mounting and growing orchids on a variety of different materials is his specialty.

Glenn will also be selling orchids and provide the raffle table plants.