January Speaker

Our speaker for this month will be Mr. Jeff Adkins of Adkins Orchids. Jeff is known for his beautiful orchids as well as his skill as an AOS orchid  judge.  This, however, isn't Jeff's only talent. He is quite the master carpenter and is recognized for his expertise at building orchid greenhouses.  A third generation grower, Jeff was influenced by both his mother and grandmother.  Their exceptional orchids ere always present in his life.  He began his career at the legendary Jones and Skully Nursery in Miami and in 1984 Jeff put together the Jones and Scully display for the 11th World Orchid Conference.

He began his business, Adkins Orchids, when J&S closed shop.  The specialties of Adkins Orchids include big showy Cattleyas, Vandas, and Dendrobiums.  Jeff's topic this month is "The perfect orchid habitat".  He is an expert  at constructing strong and durable shade  structures and custom

greenhouses which are a wonderful addition to anyone's growing area. I am sure  we will learn a lot!

Jeff will be bringing plants to sell as well as the raffle table plants, therefore, indidual sales will not be permitted.  We also ask that all cell phones be muted, turnoff, or left in the car while Jeff is speaking so as not to disturb the talk.






At the Vero Beach Orchid Society we are dedicated to the continuing education of orchids and the sharing of our collective knowledge with the community. 


Through monthly meetings and great speakers, creating table displays at various shows, and sharing everything you need to know to grow big beautiful orchids we try to help you every step of the way. Please join us at our next monthly meeting or sit in and see what a great group of orchid growers you will be getting to know and what a great time we have at our monthly meetings.