At the Vero Beach Orchid Society we are dedicated to the continuing education of orchids and the sharing of our collective knowledge with the community. 


Through monthly meetings and great speakers, creating table displays at various show, and sharing everything you need to know to grow big beautiful orchids we try to help you every step of the way. Please join us at our next monthly meeting or sit in and see what a great group of orchid growers you will be getting to know and what a great time we have at our monthly meetings.


October Meeting info:


The Vero Beach Orchid Society will be holding the second of two Semi-Annual Orchid Auctions in March in the place of the regular monthly meeting. The Auction will take place on Thursday, October 16, 2014, and will be held at the Garden Club of Indian River County, 2526 17th Avenue, Vero Beach, Florida,beginning promptly at 7PM. This Auction is a chance for all members who have some of their orchids that they would like to auction off to make room for more, hopefully with orchids won at the auction. And while you must be a member in good standing to auction off your plants, ANYONE CAN BUY!!! So bring all your friends, neighbors, etc. fora great evening of fun.Those bringing plants to auction off, the doors will open at 6PM and you must have all your plants registered by 6:45PM for viewing, so if you are selling please get there early so that things will move smoothly.Procedure for Paying: Before leaving the meeting, all bidders with winningbids will have to bring their bidding number to the check out table to have theirwinnings totaled and given a receipt to pay the cashier.


1. All buyers must register and be assigned a Bidding Number.

2. All sellers must be members in good standing.

3. All sellers must be registered prior to the sale. (Registration is from 6PM to 6:45PM).

4. Sale Limit: 10 Plants per person/family membership.

5. All plants must be orchids.

6. All Plants must be clean, disease, and bug free.

7. All plants must be marked clearly with the owners name/initials on a sticker attached to the pot or to the orchid itself, and marked with the minimum acceptable bid. A minimum bid is not required.8. 15% of the winning bid will go to the VBOS.

9. Only cash or checks, Payable to VBOS, will be accepted since we are not able to process credit cards.

10. If planning on leaving early, all buyers must wait until all sales have been totaled and recorded.

NOTE: Plant donations to the VBOS and special Xmas fund are greatly appreciated. Just let the person know which plants are which when you register.