Phillip Hamilton

Speaking on

"Broughtonia's and Their Hybrids"

Phillip was born and raised in Jamaica where he inherited his dad's passion for orchids.  He grew up working in his parent's orchid nursery, Hamlyn Orchids.  Although his dad's true orchid passion was with the Jamaican Broughtonia's and there hybrids, Phillips passion leaned heavily toward Phalaenopsis, which he has been growing and breeding since the age of eight. 

He has since obtained his undergraduate and graduate degrees in Environmental Horticulture from the University of  Florida, Gainesville and is an American Orchid Society (AOS) Accredited Judge.  He is currently one of the seminar coordinators for the Florida North Central Judging Center of he AOS.

Professionally, Phillip worked for one of the largest Phalaenopsis orchid production nurseries in Florida as Head Grower, and now manages another Phalaenopsis production facility in Apopka.  Bredren Orchids, is a business he formed in 2013 to facilitate the small scale sale of some of the more unique  and Broughtonia species and hybrids he grows and/or breeds.  It is mail-order only, as he manages this while still running the production facility he is in charge of in Apopka on a full-time basis. 


Phillip will be furnishing the Raffle table and will be bringing plants to sell.

Members selling table closed



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