At the Vero Beach Orchid Society we are dedicated to the continuing education of orchids and the sharing of our collective knowledge with the community. 


Through monthly meetings and great speakers, creating table displays at various shows, and sharing everything you need to know to grow big beautiful orchids we try to help you every step of the way. Please join us at our next monthly meeting or sit in and see what a great group of orchid growers you will be getting to know and what a great time we have at our monthly meetings.





APRIL 22, & APRIL 23, 2017

The month of April was a very busy month for the members of the Vero Beach Orchid Society in getting things ready for the annual show to be held on Saturday, April 22nd and Sunday, April 23rd with the show set up on Friday, April 21st.

Things got started on Friday, which was set up day. Thanks for all the members showing up to help venders set up their tents and to help unload their vehicles. A total of 26 members showed up and signed in. If you were there and failed to sign in thanks for coming

Thanks to those 18 members who helped Carolyn Green and the judges on Saturday and those that stayed the full day helping vendors in their booths for what ever was needed.


And  then came SUNDAY MORNING, yes, after 9 years without any rain while the show was open at Riverside Park, it rained. But the residents of Vero Beach did not a little rain stop them from coming out and downed there umbrellas and the show went on till closing approximately 45 minutes early. 

Thanks to the members showing up for breakdown of the show. If it was not for the members helping on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday that made the show a success.

A check with some vendors said that they had a bang up day on Saturday, and had a pretty good day on Sunday, even with the rain.


                                                PLANT                   Exhibitor                               Sponsor(s)

AOS Trophy                      Den Aggregatum     Gross Orchids                         Odom's Orchids

President's Award

Best Commercial Exhibit                                 Gross Orchids                         Douglas & Doris Mew

Best Society Exhib it                                        Port St. Lucie Orchid Society  Sherri Cauley

Best Mimi-Niche Exhibit                                  Beryl Steiner                          Diane O'Neal, Marty & Louise Martin   

Best Species (any genera)                               Gross Orchids                        Ron & Janet Pieratt

Individual or Society

Cattleya (under 5")         

Cattleya (over 5")              c. Mildred River      James Andre                         Addison & Carol Marvin

Phalaenopsis Alliance         phal. japonica        James Moody                        Howard & Irene Krammer   

Vanda Alliance                   Rhctm Ladda Gold  Paul Price                             Jack & Judy Phillips 

Dendrobium Alliance          Den Cole Neifert     Jamie & Jackie Lawson          Bud Ingersol

Oncidium Alliance              Brs. Rex                  Bill Manning                          Douglas & Doris Mew

Cypripedium Alliance         Paph St Swithin       John Ericson                          Stewart & Shirley Alexander

Cymbidium Alliance                                                                                      Carol Greene


Cattleya (under 5")            Leptotes bicolor       Springwater Orchids               John & Louise Odom 

 Phalaenopsis Alliance

Vanda Alliance                   astm ampullaceam   Sharon Garrett's The Habitat   Scott St Clair & Kandy Ferguson Cooper

Dendrobium Alliance           den aggregatum       Gross Orchids                         Addison & Carol Marvin

Oncidium  Alliance                                                                                           Ronnie & Tammy Meeks

Cypripedium Alliance          paph shin-yi Wlliam   Springwater Orchids               Stewart & Shirley Alexander

Cymbidium Alliance                                                                                          Carol Greene

Presentation of Theme        phal Citrus Candy      Orchids in Bloom                    Addison & Carol Marvin     

                                          'Blood Orange' AM/AOS