At the Vero Beach Orchid Society we are dedicated to the continuing education of orchids and the sharing of our collective knowledge with the community. 


Through monthly meetings and great speakers, creating table displays at various shows, and sharing everything you need to know to grow big beautiful orchids we try to help you every step of the way. Please join us at our next monthly meeting or sit in and see what a great group of orchid growers you will be getting to know and what a great time we have at our monthly meetings.




Our February speaker is  Ken Russ, who together with his wife Judy and will be speaking on "Orchid Tips & Tricks".  Ken & Judy have been growing orchids for more than 20 years and have become multiple AOS award winners. After so many years of growing orchids Ken and Judy realized there was a need to share their orchid growing knowledge with all level of orchid growers so they decided to create some innovative and practical presentations for orchid growers to perfect the art of orchid growing. Great presentation.

What a Crowd

Wow! What a crowd at the meeting.  We had 85 people in attendance, the most in a long, long time. It should be noted that on Saturday & Sunday, February 4th & 5th, members of the Vero Beach Orchid Society manned a booth at Garden Fest for the purpose of signing up new members might have had something to do with it, along with each member who signed up as members received a free, bare root orchid at this meeting.

Thanks goes out to the following society members who helped on set up our tent on Friday, getting ready for Saturday & Sunday: Sherry Cauley, Carol Greene, Bud Ingersoll, and Doug Mew. The following members who helped on Saturday & Sunday  to get new members to join the Vero Beach Orchid Society were Sandy Abraham, Howard & Irene Kramer, Joyce Jackman, Joan Kaser, Henry Kalt, Ann Peterson, Bud Ingersoll, and Doug Mew.