Speaker July 21, 2016

Tom Kuligowski

Topic: Angraecums

Tom Kuligowski is an avid orchid grower, specializes in Angraecums, award-winning photographer for 45+ years, (tkangcm@live.com) , www.angraecums.blogshot.com, www.facebook.com/tkangraecums.


Angraecums tend to be known for their beautiful, showy flowers, many that are fragrant at night.  Some can even become fantastic specimen plants in just a couple of years.  With both species and several sought after crosses, the Angraecums offer some very unique shapes along with the most pristine white in any of the orchids.  The amazing fact people aren't aware of, is that they can thrive in South Florida's sub-tropical weather or on a windowsill in the not so warm north, if given the chance.  This presentation will provide both hobbyists and serious growers with fundamental guidelines to grow these beauties successfully and n turn, grace you with years of enjoyment.  All of the photographs within the presentation are of plants from his collection.  Many of them showing the various growth stages (from seedlings to the first time bloomers to specimen plants).

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Speaker August 18, 2016

Glenn Gross,

Gross Orchids, Lakeland, Florida


"A different approach to mounting orchids, their care and maintenance"

Gross Orchids grows a wide variety of orchid hybrids and species that are compatible with the Florida climate. Our goal is to help educate the beginner and devise the novice in the care and cultivation of orchids. We also maintain varieties for the advanced grower and collector. We currently maintain an inventory of over 3,000 potted, mounted and in basket plants in a total of twelve different greenhouses.

Gross Orchids is locally owned and operated/. We have been in business for over 10 years, with over 25 years growing experience. We specialize in mounting and growing orchids on a variety of different materials.

Glenn will be furnishing the Raffle table and will be bringing plants to sell.

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