March Speaker  Tomas Bajza

Speaking on How 

​​​"Everyone Can Grow Minature Orchids."

​Tom came to the United States from the Czech Republic  some 15 + years ago settling down in the hot tropical Miami, Florida area. While living in the Czech Republic he adored orchids during his teenage years, but there were not many to see in his country.  He had a neighbor across the street that grew a few Paphs and Phals in her windows.  When the orchids would bloom he would go across the street and stare at the orchids in the windows for hours and dreamed about growing orchids in a warm climate one day.

​My orchid beginnings were funny and sad at the same time.  I managed to obtain a few orchid plants back in the Czech Republic, those being two Phalaenopsis plants, and one Cymbidium plant.  I had neither the knowledge nor options to do research ( the internet was not any where around), so he grew as he felt.  Of course his approach was totally wrong. I overwatered my Phalaenopsis and constantly kept them right above the heater, so the humidity was at zero. They must have hated me all those years that I had them.

Even though living in Florida for the last 15 years and surrounded by orchids I only started growing orchids 9 years ago, starting with grocery store bought Phalaenopsis and Dendrobiums, slowly adding Cattleyas and Vandas, since they were the only orchids being grown in Florida, and these orchids were mostly hybrids.

​Some 7 years ago a person on an orchid forum posted information about a Lepanthopsis astrophora - that being the first time I ever had seen a miniature orchid.  I had no clue that such a thing existed.  I immediately ordered a few and when they came they were smaller than imagined. I HAD GOT BITTEN BY THE MINIATURE ORCHID BUG.  In the past few years I have been fortunate enough to collect hundreds of micro and miniature orchid species, many of them being pretty rare.

____________________________________________________________________________________VBOS Picnic

​After our annual show each April the Vero Beach Orchid Society holds its annual picnic in Riverside Park for the members and their families on the Saturday before Mothers Day, this year being May 12, 2018.

​If you will be attending, please bring a favorite side dish or dessert (pot luck style) large enough for 2 or more.  The Society will do the cooking and furnish the Hamburgers and Hot Dogs, condiments, soft drinks, and paper products.

​The picnic will be in the pavilions in front of the Fire Station along side the south side of the Barber Bridge as you turn into the park. 





It's that time of year again, wow, how time flies, it seems like just yesterday that we were were doing our 35th Annual Show and Sale, but here we are getting ready to have our 36th Annual Show and Sale, which will be held on Saturday, April 28th and Sunday, April 29th, 2018.  As in the past the show will again be in Riverside Park under the shade of some of the oldest Oak Trees in Vero Beach.

​The Show is sanctioned by the American Orchid Society and will have Certified AOS Judges, judging blooming orchids from area Orchid Society Displays, Vendor Displays, and a general display table for people to place their best orchids on to possibly have them awarded by the American Orchid Society.  To place Orchids on the general table you do not have to be a member of any Orchid Society or the American Orchid Society, so bring them to Riverside Park on setup day, Friday, April 27th, to register your plants.

​Orchid lovers who live outside of the Vero Beach area, we have some of the best eating establishments around, and motels both on the mainland and beach side so that you might stay overnight and enjoy our beautiful city of Vero Beach and what it has to offer. Orchid Society's outside the Vero Beach area that might be wanting to charter a bus or buses, or caravan to the show, we have the room, parking for our show is not a problem.

Hope to see you,

​Carol Marvin, Show Chairman

​2018 Orchid Show Vendors

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